Thought Leadership Content Program

You are the subject matter expert, let's capture your thought leadership, and share it with your network... together!

start trust based conversations without being salesy


Become the definitive authority in your field! Embrace your expertise as we collaboratively capture your visionary insights, channeling your thought leadership to resonate across your network, forging a collective impact that sets you apart. Together, we'll propel your influence to new heights and inspire countless minds.

Thought Leadership Content Program Includes:

✅  Zoom Interview - 30-minute Zoom interview. The executive will be asked questions based on a predetermined topic.

✅  Once a Week Blog Content - We create a 200+ word blog post based on the interview content.

✅  Four Branded Post Quotes - Our team will create 4 quote images based on the interviewee's answers from the zoom interview.

✅  Four Video Clips - Our team will create 4 video shorts that highlight the insights and value delivered in the interview.

✅  Four Branded Audiograms - We identify 4 big takeaways and put the audio behind a branded image that is engaging and creates engagement.

✅  Branded eBook - We will create a branded eBook that highlights all the major insights from the interview.

✅  Two Polls a Month - With two polls a month, you'll have the opportunity to actively engage your audience, capturing valuable insights and understanding their needs better than ever. 

✅  Branded Video eBook - Immerse your audience in a dynamic experience, leaving a lasting impression and elevating your brand's authority to new heights.

✅  Optional Add-on: Company's LinkedIn Page Content Administration - For an additional fee, we will post and publish, on your LinkedIn company page, your content created on a consistent basis.

Your Investment:

Your investment is $2,500 per month, ensuring you receive ongoing support and the tools you need for continued success. There are no contracts.

Select Clients

Why Work with Judi Hays?

When we work together, you don’t hire a LinkedIn “expert” who rattles off generic best practices or uses automation and dangerous shortcuts that put your account at risk.

You get a LinkedIn partner who gets to know you and your business to create strategies that match your brand, personality, and goals. We focus your marketing campaign on strategies and tactics that yield a return on your investment.

Mike Mulqueen

[Judi] helped us develop, execute and refine a LinkedIn marketing strategy that resonates with our target audience… enables us to achieve results without wasting effort.

Mike Mulqueen

Andrew Schulkind

Judi is one of the best! She has deep LinkedIn knowledge, a fun and easy-going manner, and the invaluable ability to connect ideas and tactics to real business needs.

Andrew Schulkind

Shawndra Holmberg

I’ve worked with her on client campaigns and have been awestruck with the ideas she comes up with to build authority, credibility, and trust for each client.

Shawndra Holmberg

Not Sure What You Need?

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