7 Amazing Marketing Books to Read Over and Over Again

My favorite marketing books

I love marketing books. When I come across one I like, I tend to make it my own by highlighting passages, writing notes in the margins and placing a bunch of post-it notes on ‘important pages’. I also love it when I come across a word I don’t know. What I enjoy most about these…

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Why Every Company Needs a Brand Style Guide

Brand style guides

Imagine a world where every piece of content you create radiates a consistent and unmistakable voice, where your logo and visual elements seamlessly blend together, and where customers can effortlessly connect with the essence of your brand.  Branding is the beacon that guides customers to your unique value proposition. Brand identity and branding are closely…

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2020 Best Conferences for Marketing Professionals

My Top Pick Marketing Conferences

The best way to stay on the leading edge is to learn from peers and experts. Attending conferences and tradeshows offers the forum to do just that. To help you find just the right conferences that fit your 2020 calendar, I found this super-comprehensive list from MarketingTerms.com (which I used as a base and embellished…

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Think of LinkedIn as Your Garden of Opportunity

Nurture Your LinkedIn Garden

I enjoy gardening and although I live in an urban area, the advent of container gardening allows me to experience the fruits of my efforts this year with a crop of fresh tomatoes, basil, beautiful roses, and blossoms. Last week I was talking with a client and explaining how to get the most of out…

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How to Make the LinkedIn Algorithm Work for Your Business

Cracking the LinkedIn Algorithm

Social media feeds have “grown up”! Here’s a brief snapshot of social media algorithms over the past 15 years. During the adolescence years (2003 – 2010) social media news feeds showed what was posted in the moment. Then in the teen phase (2011 – 2014) platforms started tinkering with algorithms and advertising. In 2011, Facebook’s…

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How a Digital Check-up Can Boost Sales

How a Digital Checkup can boost sales

Just as brands conduct audits of their inventory, employees, and budgets on an often annual basis, it’s important to take a look at your digital assets – specifically your website, your social media channels, your blog and your search engine rankings. Most people don’t look forward to audits. Just the sound of the word ‘audit’…

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