Interview with Judi Hays on Square Stories Podcast

🍁 🍂 I love October. Aside from it being my birthday month, I get invigorated from the change of season crispness in the air, and the beautiful jewel tone colors all around. This year is especially exciting as I have a book about to be published. More on that to come soon! 🎧 Recently I…

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The Top LinkedIn Engagement Traps And How To Avoid Them


LinkedIn has long been a powerful tool for business owners to grow sales and connections. As the world has gone virtual, networking online is now more important than ever. LinkedIn started off as a way to share your resume online and find jobs. It still is an effective recruiting tool, but it has grown to…

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How to Create An Effective Value Proposition for Your Professional Services Firm

How to Create a Unique Value Proposition

Firms who carve out UNIQUE positioning in the marketplace tend to grow faster, easier, and more profitably than their non-differentiated competitors. Professional services firms that want to attract a steady stream of profitable clients need to create meaningful differentiation in the marketplace. You probably already know the value of a “Unique Value Proposition” for your…

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Do You Hate How You Look in Photos?

Your LinkedIn Photo

Do you hate how you look in photos? Especially in your headshot on LinkedIn, where you’d love to make a great first impression? Fear not! Just check out these headshot no-no’s (and reasons for avoiding them) thanks to this guide from MarketingProfs.

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