Feast on Content Success: 37 Strategies for Content Creators

Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday, largely due to the wonderful memories associated with my mom. Growing up during the Depression era, she mastered the art of resourcefulness, especially when it came to Thanksgiving.

My mom would roast a magnificent turkey with all the trimmings each year. But what truly amazed me was how she would repurpose the turkey "leftovers" into a variety of delicious, unique meals in the following weeks.

This practice of making the most out of a single resource deeply influenced me. I've adopted her methodology and applied it to content strategy, teaching my clients how to maximize the impact of their digital assets.

Content Turkey metaphor

In the spirit of Thanksgiving and in honor of my mom's ingenuity, I present to you something to enjoy over the holiday season: 37 ways to carve up your content turkey, each method a unique approach to repurposing and rejuvenating your content.

  1. Start with your ingredients: Like sorting through your kitchen pantry, take stock of all your published and (almost published) content. Look at your blogs, social media posts, videos, and presentations. For example, if you've got a great blog post on a specific area of your expertise, that's a key ingredient for your content pie. This approach helps you see what's popular and what can be refreshed.

  2. Share the love: This one’s easy – if someone mentions you or features your work, share that on your social platforms. Tag them, and add a personal touch like, "Thrilled to be featured by [@name]!" It’s a great way to appreciate others while boosting your visibility. Power Tip: keep a folder with links and screenshots of these mentions

  3. Shareable quotes: We all have quotes and words to live by (aka witticisms). Use tools like Canva or Adobe Spark to create a library, turning these key quotes into graphics and providing your audience with quick, engaging insights. Remember always to drive traffic back to the full content on your website.

  4. Short attention span buster: Let’s say you have a 30-minute webinar. Extract the juiciest 60-second or less part, add captions, and turn it into an audiogram. These snackable clips are perfect for LinkedIn as well as YouTube shorts, TikTok or Instagram Stories. It's about catching those scrolling eyes with something dynamic. My favorite creation tools are Jupitrr, Headliner, and Audiogram.

  5. Republish your evergreen blog content: Check Google Analytics to identify your highest-ranking blog posts. Select the relevant top ones, give them an update if necessary, and repost. It's akin to rediscovering a classic recipe and realizing it’s still as delicious as ever (like my mom's famous crumbcake updated to a gluten-free version).

  6. Cross-pollinate your audience: Consolidate your links including your bio, your other social media profiles, your latest blog, and even a signup form. Think of it as providing a comprehensive menu of all your content offerings in one convenient location, simplifying follower engagement across various platforms, and expanding your digital presence. Here's mine as an example.

  7. Amplify your monthly content: Compile your best posts, updates, or articles from the month and distribute them as a curated platter of content in your newsletter. This approach maintains regular engagement and provides a digest of your insights. Surprisingly, people consume content in varied ways. This tactic is among the most successful strategies I implement for my clients.

  8. Dust off those boring PPTs: Transform your slide decks into animated videos, making content more dynamic and appealing to a broader audience. There are many platforms that facilitate this but my favorites are Camtasia and Adobe Spark Video.

  9. Share evergreen content from other websites: Curate compelling articles or posts from external sources and add your insights. This positions you as an industry resource - it's like adding your unique flavor to a dish using someone else's recipe. Remember always to provide proper credit to the original source.

  10. Post 'Did you know?' questions: Use interesting facts to spark discussions, engage your audience, and foster interaction. It’s like starting a lively dinner conversation around the table.

  11. Share your favorite tips & tricks: Use these as a basis for creating content that offers actionable insights. This showcases your expertise and provides your audience with practical advice they can apply immediately, enhancing your credibility and engagement.

  12. Share infographics: Convert data, quotes, lists, and tips into visually appealing infographics. I rely on Canva, my preferred tool, to present stats in an engaging visual format with templates that match my brand's aesthetics. This approach enhances information retention and encourages sharing.

  13. Behind the scenes: Share photos and insights into your work process, home office setup, what’s on your desk, or how you plan your day. It adds a personal touch and a deeper connection with your audience, like sharing a family recipe.

  14. Favorite resources: Share essential tools and resources like software, books, and websites, explaining their value. This helps your audience discover effective tools and demonstrates your expertise. It saves time in finding reliable resources and boosts your credibility. I've created a "Favorite Tools" page on my website to demonstrate this.

  15. Turn your FAQ page into a video series: Take those FAQs and make quick, engaging videos to add to your website. I like using Loom or Canva for this. This is a great way to reach people who prefer watching/listening over reading. And don’t forget to upload them to YouTube for that extra Google love. It’s a simple way to make your content more dynamic and accessible.

  16. Write a book review: What's on your desk or nightstand? Share insights from your favorite books, providing value and engaging your audience in thoughtful discussions. It's like getting those tasting samples at the market. One of my all-time top engaged posts on LinkedIn is "Here's what's on my desk" of books I am reading.

  17. Break up your long-form articles: Divide those “too long not read” articles into shorter posts or create graphics highlighting key points. This makes complex information more digestible and shareable. In the book 'Content Chemistry,' Andy Crestodina describes this as 'atomizing your substantial content into smaller formats.'

  18. Create listicles: People love lists because they are easily read and highly shareable. By compiling lists on topics closely aligned with your target audience's interests, you provide them with a valuable resource they can turn to for insights and recommendations. Curated lists also enhance your reputation as a trusted source of information in your niche.

  19. Interview industry experts: Interviews are a solid strategy for growth, not just for podcasters. Live streaming on platforms like YouTube, LinkedIn, or Instagram can be just as effective in sharing expert insights, and widening your reach. For guidance, check out Steve Gordon's Podcast Prospecting book.

  20. Transcribe videos into articles: Expanding on Tip #19, use transcription tools such as Otter.ai to turn video content into text articles. This approach is for those who favor reading articles and boosts your content's SEO because it will be indexed. It's an effective way to broaden your content's accessibility and reach.

  21. Write about trending topics: Tools like Answer the Public, Google Trends, or SERP sections like 'People Also Ask' and 'Related Searches' are ideal for spotting hot topics in your industry. This helps you identify content that's both relevant and timely.

  22. Share answers to questions: Each question from a client or prospect is a goldmine for content ideas. I make it a point to keep track of these queries. When you directly address these common questions in the content you share, you showcase your expertise and position yourself as a go-to resource in your area of expertise.

  23. Create tutorials: Building on the previous Tip #22, create a tutorial if you often receive or see questions about how to do something. This can be a blog post, a video, or even a series of images. My favorite tools for accomplishing this are Loom and Tango.

  24. Surveys, quizzes, and polls: Engage your audience with these interactive tools. LinkedIn polls or quizzes on your platform gather feedback and act as lead magnets. This method provides valuable data, helping you understand your audience and refine your strategies.

  25. Share industry statistics: Present relevant data through engaging formats like infographics. This makes valuable information easily digestible and shareable. Using collected data or resources like Statista for current trends builds on the survey tactic. For instance, I created this article on turkey stats for a supply chain client.

  26. ​​Publish case studies: Showcase your customer success stories to build credibility and demonstrate your effectiveness. If sharing client names isn't possible, anonymize the details while focusing on the industry/solution. This helps prospects see themselves in the solutions you provide.

  27. Check your ‘sent’ emails: Convert your detailed replies into content. It’s a smart way to share your knowledge with a broader audience. Use labels or tags to organize these emails so you can find and use them later.

  28. Host office hours: Invite people to ask you questions. Engage directly with your audience in real-time via LinkedIn Live stream, offering personalized interaction and support. Create a recurring event so your audience can plan on it. It’s like having an open house promoting community and accessibility.

  29. Convert articles into e-books or worksheets: Compile your best content into an ebook or worksheet. This repurposing strategy breathes new life into successful content, expanding its reach and longevity to tap into fresh audience segments.

  30. Comments on popular posts: LinkedIn post comment section is a treasure trove of valuable insights, perfect for generating inspiration for fresh content ideas. Use LinkedIn's built-in 'save' feature to bookmark posts you want to revisit for this purpose. Many find engaging in discussions within the comment section is a source of knowledge and inspiration.

  31. Promote your client content: ​​Elevate client content on LinkedIn as a gesture of appreciation and relationship-building. By showcasing your clients' achievements, you express gratitude and contribute to their visibility, enhancing your reputation as a supportive professional in your network.

  32. Refresh outdated content: You wrote it years ago and it struck a chord with your audience, as evidenced by likes, clicks, comments, and shares. However, that was a while back. The core concept remains relevant today; it simply requires a fresh touch. Consider giving it an update and reintroducing it to your audience. Andy Crestodina offers three insightful examples of how to accomplish this effectively.

  33. Testimonials are social proof: Convert key parts of your LinkedIn recommendations into compelling quotes, effectively showcasing your success stories. Share these snippets as standalone pieces of content. This approach subtly promotes your work, much like word-of-mouth reviews.

  34. Repurpose tutorials: Using a strategic approach, you can combine your tutorials into an online course or workbook. A self-guided online or drip email course opens avenues for incremental revenue and significantly amplifies your educational impact, providing a learning experience for your audience.

  35. Industry conference list: Create a resource list of key upcoming conferences to keep your audience informed about important industry events. This positions you as a well-connected insider and offers a valuable networking tool. For example, my list of digital marketing conferences list for 2020 was one of my top posts, showing the value such a resource can have.

  36. Industry podcasts: Share a curated list of top podcasts in your niche. As an example, I created this list of top supply chain podcasts for a client that drives consistent website traffic and has led to guest appearance opportunities on various shows, significantly enhancing their industry visibility.

  37. Podcasts & webinar snippets: Use audiograms or 'shorts' to spotlight key points from your podcasts and webinars. This method along with repurposing transcripts into blog posts, effectively broadens your content's reach.

And for Dessert

Just like my mom transformed a single turkey into a myriad of delightful meals, these 37 strategies will help you reinvent and maximize your content.

Each tactic is a way to creatively use what you have, ensuring your content remains fresh, engaging, and effective. Whether you're updating old posts or converting a webinar into bite-sized highlights there's a wealth of potential in your existing content waiting to be explored.

This Thanksgiving, as you reflect on all that you have to be grateful for, consider also the abundant possibilities your content holds. Happy carving!


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