Think of LinkedIn as Your Garden of Opportunity

Nurture Your LinkedIn Garden

Untended gardens grow weeds and eventually die off. This too can happen on LinkedIn if you don’t deadhead the stragglers. Do you make an effort to engage with your connections both new and existing? If you’re connected to people who you engage with regularly, that’s a good thing. But if a fair amount of your connections have NOT been active on LinkedIn in a while, ask yourself why you are connected with them in the first place. Maybe it’s time for some pruning and maintenance.

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Do You Hate How You Look in Photos?

Profile photo sucks

Do you hate how you look in photos? Especially in your headshot on LinkedIn, where you’d love to make a great first impression? Fear not! Just check out these headshot no-no’s (and reasons for avoiding them) thanks to this guide from MarketingProfs.  

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How to Make the LinkedIn Algorithm Work for Your Business

Cracking the LinkedIn Algorithm

Social media feeds have “grown up”! Here’s a brief snapshot of social media algorithms over the past 15 years. During the adolescence years (2003 – 2010) social media news feeds showed what was posted in the moment. Then in the teen phase (2011 – 2014) platforms started tinkering with algorithms and advertising. In 2011, Facebook’s…

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